Frequently Asked Questions

How does Brisa Videos work?

Brisa Videos is easy to use. When you create a video and open it, you click the "Add Scene" button to get a visual list of scenes. Hovering over a scene shows a preview. Simply click the scene you want to use, then you can customize it with photos and text.

How much does Brisa Videos cost?

Brisa Videos costs 15 cents per second of video at 720p, or $4.50 USD for a 30-second video. Unlike most video creation apps, there is no monthly fee, so you only pay for what you want!

Discounts are available if you need to create more than 2 minutes of video. Just get in touch!

How do I add background music to my video?

Below the video preview, there is a button that shows the video size and other settings. When you click this button, there is an option to select the audio track.

In the audio track list, you can play each song to find what you like, then click "Select" to choose it.

Why isn't the music I added playing?

Only the video plays while previewing. The audio is added when your video is downloaded.
This is a future feature!

How do I resize my video?

Below the video preview, there is a button that shows the video size and other settings. You can click this button to change the size of the video.

Can I customize how text and images look?

Yep! Each scene has a list of images and text. Most are customizable, with an Edit (pencil) icon next to them. You can change font, sizes, colors, and other settings there, and you will see your changes immediately in the video preview!

Can I change how long a scene runs for?

Yep! Each scene allows you to change the timing. For some, you click the Edit (pencil) icon under "Background and Settings" and change the Scene Time.

Other scenes calculate the time from images and text. In that case, when you edit the settings for each item, There will be a setting at the top (such as "Time on Screen").

I have another question!

No problem! On your dashboard, there's a "Contact Us" button you can use to ask questions, give feedback, etc. You can also use the Contact form on the website.