Brisa Videos is now!

In mid-2020, a chance meeting led to finding a co-founder for Brisa Videos, and in October of that year, we rebuilt and redesigned it before launching as!

It was a long journey, from the initial Brisa Videos prototype in late 2019, to a Shopify app in 2020, to what it has become today.

I had been developing the app for a long time. Ed, as a co-founder and fellow video editor, identified some of the lacking features: support for embedded videos, audio, animation styles, and more. But he also recognized the difficulty of using it as a new user.

Through our discussions, we identified the first steps needed to make this a good app for others to create videos, and we worked hard to deliver. From there, we had a solid core on which we could build a capable video creation and editing platform.

It's February of 2021 now. While we still have a lot we want to accomplish, we're really excited with what we've built, and happy to get this new app out into the world!

If you haven't already, head over to and create your free account, try it out, and let us know what you think!

- Andrew