Why Are Videos Important for Selling Online?

by Andrew on 2020-04-22

Videos are becoming more important than ever. But why? With yet another form of content we all need to learn, the benefits need to clearly outweigh the work involved.

The Quick Answer

Our online lives are becoming overwhelming, and we’re ignoring things that don’t immediately show us value and make it easy to get the information we want.

Not only does video content increase conversions at every level, but over time, current text plus and image content will convert less.

Let’s go through how videos help at every step of our funnels.

Social Media

Social media posts with videos get 48% more views, and generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined!

When you think about the amount of work you already put into social media, imagine using a video to amplify that content. While your social media content shouldn’t be exclusively video, it’s great for the posts that are very important to you because people will see and share it.

And 64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded content on social platforms!

If you’re advertising online, imagine the difference between text or images that we often ignore. A video can say so much more, which means the click-throughs will be more targeted and there will be clear interest.


On your website, videos give you a chance to highlight your message. If a visitor isn’t engaged within a couple seconds, they’re likely to close a tab before they even know what’s on it!

Videos let you reclaim those viewers. People spend 2.6x more time on pages with videos, and 72% prefer to watch videos to learn about products! The potential to improve conversions, as well as all of your secondary goals (e-mail lists, branding, etc), make the benefits very clear.

But the benefits aren’t just limited to your direct visitors. If you do any blogging or SEO, videos also increase organic search traffic by 157% and makes a website 53 times more likely to reach the front page of a Google search results page!

And More...

The stats are in, and they show just how important video is to maximize your business goals. At any point where a potential buyer interacts with your business, videos will likely benefit you. For example, e-mail wasn’t covered here, but emails with video can increase click rates by 300% (for example, short gifs that link to pages).

How do you make videos cost effective?

Now we need to make sure video is quick, easy, and affordable to everyone. Afterall, if you’re spending hundreds of dollars for a video and it takes days, those benefits are no longer useful from a cost perspective!

Brisa Videos for Shopify was created to address these issues. It allows you to create videos quickly and easily.