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Brisa: (Spanish) /ˈbɾisa/ breeze


Brisa Videos

Create videos and animations in your web browser.

Brisa Boards

Brisa Boards is an open source project that helps organize information. From notes to projects, simple one-off notes to Kanbans and Sheets.

Brisa Learn Python Courses

A fully web-based course meant to make learning Python super easy. It includes a unique set of tools to make accomplishing small projects easy.


Why and How I Built a web-based Video Editor

A dive into why I wanted a web-based video creator, and how I went about building it.

Is Programming Hard?

Is programming really difficult? It can be when you're starting out, but it's because programming is like talking to a child.

Introducing: Brisa Learn Python

Learn more about the new Brisa Python courses!